Teen Studies

Books in this Series written by John K. Wills: 

A study for junior high youth concerning the simple message of the gospel, the tragedy of sin, how to become a child of God, and preparing for life's "final exam." Stresses the need to "listen to Jesus" (through Bible study) as they struggle with peer pressure, false doctrines and the everyday problems which constantly confront this age group. The last page of each lesson provides questions and other activities suitable for Bible class. The individual lessons make this work ideal for Bible class or as an outreach correspondence study for non-church youth.

A Teacher's Guide was added in 2004. It includes the Grading Key and additional activities which may be reproduced.

Thirteen lessons for teens concerning their personal responsibilities to: themselves, their family, their friends, the one they will marry and God. Sound, Bible-centered lessons help teens accept responsibility for their own lives as they face the relentless pressures and temptations in today's world.

The last page of each lesson provides questions and other activities for classroom use or personal study. Individual lessons sets make it adaptable for Bible classes, VBS, and Bible Camps. 

A study of the life of Jesus as He walked the earth as both Man and God teaching and preaching the gospel. Thirteen lessons on His "footprints" on earth and on the hearts of men, from the prophesies of His coming, His birth and boyhood, His teaching, His apostles, His betrayal, trial, death, resurrection, ascension and His coming back to take home His followers. Sixty-three pages.  Teacher's Guide with teaching suggestions, lesson objectives and two reproducible worksheets for each lesson.

Bible Basics is a study of the fundamental teachings of the Bible for teens and adults. Lesson topics include: the Bible as God's "Road Map," a look at the Old and New Testaments, the Bible is God's inspired Word, how to study the Bible, what the Bible tells us about God and Jesus, God's plan of salvation, the worship of the church, heaven and hell and the second coming of Christ. Thirteen lessons of four 8 1/2 X 11 pages each make it ideal for use in Bible classes, youth camps and as a Bible study by mail. Each lesson includes teaching text and review activities.

Teens Overcoming Trials by John Wills covers the struggles of Job and Daniel, but also does an excellent job of making modern application.  After all, most teens face trials of some type, even if it is "merely" ridicule from peers because they are Christians, which can actually be very difficult to overcome!  This book will help our youth remain faithful to God! 

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