RWS-056 - Christian Fundamentals

These books by Barbara Hanna contain 13 lessons each, with interesting activities which fortify the teaching of Bible truths:  word searches, crossword puzzles, multiple choice, etc... Bible reading and memorization is also included.

In July of 2010 all three books for grades 5 & 6 were scanned and placed on one book/CD/download. While the supply lasts, Hanna Publications will continue to sell the remaining individual books listed below. As each book supply is exhausted, we will attempt to remove that selection as quickly as possible. If you place an order for a book that is no longer in stock, you will be notified before the rest of your order is filled.

This book/CD/download includes all of the student lesson material from the three books: According to God's Pattern, Developing Christian Character and Following in Christ's Footsteps. Any instructions that were given in the original Teachers' Book will be found on RWS #56 along with the answers to the activities. All of the lessons and activities are reproducible for home or Bible class use. 

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