RWS-110 King Solomon

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This workbook covers his life of faithfulness and falling away from God. Some of the teachings of Proverbs add to the richness of this lesson series.

In 2015 Hanna Publications added some new activities created by Lisa Smith for grades 1-4.  The sample lesson reflects these changes.  However, the added activities are not in the book; only on the CD or download.

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1. Wise King Solomon
2. Solomon and Two Mothers
3. Solomon Built the Temple
4. Solomon's Wealth
5. Solomon's Wives
6. What Is a Proverb?
7. Evil Companions
8. Don't be a Talebearer
9. Be Honest
10. Ant, Mouse, Locust, Spider
11. Trust God
12. The Whole Duty of Man
13. Review (multiple choice and memory verse crossword)

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To view a sample lesson for grades 5-8 click here.  

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