RWS-113 - Esther and Jonah

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RWS #113, Esther and Jonah is the longest lesson book we have published thus far. Lisa Smith wrote the lessons for grades 1 - 6.  The other books by Barbara Hanna had lessons only for grades 1 - 4. Lisa wrote these lessons for a classroom with a wide age range and wanted to include lessons for older students, also. John K. Wills had already written ten lessons on Esther, and his publishing company, Ten to Teen Press had published them as a book called, Such a Time As This.  Since he was planning to discontinue that book, he very graciously agreed to revise the lessons slightly so they could fit with the format we have been using for the other OT RWS books. Thus RWS #113 includes lessons for older students before we finished revising RWS #110-112. Please check to see if these have been revised recently (with lessons added for grades 5 - 8), as we are constantly working toward that goal. You will notice that there is an overlap in the age levels for RWS #113, as Lisa covers grades 1-6 and John's lessons are written for grades 5-8. The teacher may look over the lessons and determine which teaching text and activities best fit the needs of the ages and abilities of students in his or her class. 

Lessons by Lisa Smith and John K. Wills both cover the same lesson topics for each lesson, but the lessons for older students are taught in greater detail.

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1. Queen Vashti Displeased the King
2. Esther Chosen to be Queen
3. Haman's Plot to Destory the Jews
4. Mordecai Asked Esther For Help
5. Esther's Request of the King
6. Mordecai Is Honored By the King
7. Haman Died on His Own Galalows
8. The New Decree
9. The Jews Overcame Their Enemies
10. The Feast of Purim
11. Jonah Tried to Run From God
12. Jonah's Prayer and Preaching
13. God Taught Jonah About Compassion

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