RWS-116 - Fulfilled Prophecies: About Jesus and His Church

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By Lisa Smith, Barbara Hanna and John K. Wills 

Fulfilled Prophecies is the sixteenth lesson series covering the Old Testament.  Lisa Smith and Barbara Hanna wrote the lessons for Grades 1-4 and Lisa wrote most of the activities.  John K. Wills wrote the lessons for Grades 5-8.  Now children can begin studying in Genesis and four years later they will know many details about the Old Testament, and perhaps even more than some adults!  

Children will grow in knowledge and faith as they study Fulfilled Prophecies.  First they learn what a prophecy is and why it is so important to know that God has fulfilled every prophecy that was made about the life, death and resurrection of Christ, as well as the establishment of the church on the Day of Pentecost.  We have worked hard to make these lessons easy to understand.  Activities review what has already been studied and help students have a better grasp of the material.  

Prior to completing this series, we made the decision to no longer print books.  It is very time consuming to get them ready for printing, and the cost of printing has risen greatly since Hanna Publications began in 1994.  If you do not print from your home computer, we suggest that you buy the CD and ask a family member or a church member to print it out for you.  You might want to have a folder for each lesson and save the originals so you can use them over and over.  They will be easier to print from, as you won't have to cover up the spiral binding before placing them on the copy machine to print nice clean copies.

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1. What Is a Prophecy?
2. The Birth of Christ
3. John Prepared the Way
4. Miracles of Jesus
5. Triumphal Entry
6. Jesus Was Betrayed
7. Crucifixion Foretold
8. Jesus Foretold His Own Betrayal and Death
9. Christ’s Resurrection
10. Ascension of Jesus
11. Not Of This World
12. The Kingdom Came With Power
13. What Does This Mean to Me?

To view a sample lesson for grades 1-4 click here.  

To view a sample lesson for grades 5-8 click here.  

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