A-Z Memory Verses

A-Z Memory Verses were developed by Lisa Smith as she used them to teach her own students in Bible class. They could be used in many different ways to assist your students in class or children at home as you teach memory verses. Lisa has provided seven pages of four verses a page (with the exception of the last page, which has three verses). Most of them are verses either beginning with, or containing each letter going through the alphabet. One verse is used for two of the letters. There are some extra verses at the end. The final one-fouth section gives the author's name, provides the copyright information, and gives some suggestions for printing and using the cards. They could be printed on white or ivory cover stock, possibly laminated, and cut out. Teachers may want to print enough for each student so they could be sent home, or simply use the one set to review over and over in class. There is a graphic for each card to go along with the topic.  

In addition to using these cards in the classroom, they could be a home project for everyone to learn together.  You might even want to buy notecards, glue the printed verses to the cards, and have a file box to hold all of the verses.  Other verses could be added, including those of your own creation.  Use the cards later to review and always keep God's Word in  your heart! 

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