Bible Riddles

More than 500 Bible riddles to motivate and challenge all ages to develop a greater Bible knowledge.  Riddles are categorized into these divisions:  Novice, Amateur, Intermediate and Advanced.  For use in Bible class, church bulletins, Bible camps, home Bible studies, hospitalized individuals, etc. Includes both Old and New Testament.  Answers and scripture references given for each riddle.  132 pages.  $6.95 per book, plus postage and handling.  


For seven years I worked,
To gain Rachel for my bride;
The next morning I found,
Her sister Leah at my side.

Tears filled the eyes of Jesus,
As He beheld this great city;
Alas! If only they had known,
But they were blind, what a pity!

In Revelation, John saw,
One like the Son of Man;
What were the seven stars,
He held in His right hand?

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