Joy in the Morning

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Why do Christians suffer?  How can you overcome the bitterness you feel toward one who has hurt you?  What can you do to comfort a loved one who is suffering?  Will you remain faithful to God when you are faced with your own "wide-awake nightmare," whether it be the death of a close loved one or another grievous trial in life? How can you help strengthen those who are dealing with extreme suffering?   

Following the death of her daughter, Angie, Barbara Hanna decided she needed to write a book to provide the teaching she sought for her own personal study, but could not find. She wanted to know how other faithful Christians were able to find the answer to "Why?" in God's Word. She desired to learn of the strength of faithful Christians and what they did to remain faithful to God. The book for which she searched was not some "dry" book loaded with scripture, but lacking in the emotional true-to-life suffering and then application of the passages which would aid in healing the spirit. Close to a year after her daughter's death, she began writing the book she longed for, but could not find.  

JOY IN THE MORNING is truly the book the subtitle describes: Overcoming Grief and Trials. Most chapters begin with a vivid description of everything from the call informing the Hannas of the death of their daughter, to the dark night of sorrow, through seeking and finding answers in God's Word regarding why Christians suffer, reaching the point of being comforted with precious memories, being able to do good for others, reaching out to those who are also suffering, and finally coming to JOY IN THE MORNING. The main portion of the book highlights various individuals in the Bible who overcame trials, as well as those who set great examples of love and faithfulness to God, and how we can learn from their experiences.

The book consists of 13 chapters, with twelve STUDY AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS at the end of each chapter, making it ideal for personal study, Ladies' Bible Class, grief counseling, etc. Churches will profit from placing this book in the church library and giving copies to those who are undergoing trials such as: coping with terminal illness, dealing with an unfaithful spouse, recovering from the loss of a loved one, or any other difficult trial in life. JOY IN THE MORNING is also available on a CD or download. Although it is not reproducible, the owner may keep it on one or two computers and/or print it out for personal use. This feature will be of special interest to those who are handicapped and can read it better directly from the computer, or those who prefer reading from the computer rather than a book.


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1. The Call
2. The Night
3. Why?
4. The Lost
5. The Saved
6. Root Out Bitterness
7. The Blame Game
8. Beyond "If Only"
9. Facing Life
10. Precious memories
11. Doing Good
12. Reaching Out
13. The Morning
Appendix A, Mark C. Wills, by John K. Wills
Appendix B, R. Kyle Wood, as told by Cindy Wood
Appendix C, Mountains to Climb, by Lisa Smith
Appendix D, Victory Over Grief, by Bob Spurlin
Appendix E, Death of a Child, by Barbara Hanna
Appendix F, When a Young Child Loses a Parent, by Barbara Hanna

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To Read the Foreword by Terry M. Hightower, click here
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