A Study of Galatians

A STUDY OF GALATIANS by John K. Wills, for teens and adults, will provide teachers with ten reproducible lessons covering a very misunderstood topic -- the difference between the Law of Moses and the new law or covenant. Your students will greatly benefit from this study and better understand how we are to obey the teachings of Christ and the other New Testament writers, as revealed by God. Each lesson includes study questions and activities such as True or False, and can be printed on both sides of one piece of paper and then folded. Mr. Wills has served many years as an elder of the church of Christ where he worships. He is the owner of Ten to Teen Press, and has written many excellent studies for teens, which are also available on this web site. The download price of $10 allows you to print as many copies as you need for each class.

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Lesson 1, The One Gospel
Lesson 2, Paul Defends the Gospel and His Apostleship
Lesson 3, Righteousness is Through Christ
Lesson 4, Clothed with Christ
Lesson 5, Sons of God
Lesson 6, Types of the Two Covenants
Lesson 7, Walking in the Spirit
Lesson 8, Responsibilities to Other Christians
Lesson 9, Review, Part 1
Lesson 10, Review, Part 2

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