Bible Boot Camp 2 - A Few Good Men

Bible Boot Camp 2: A Few Good Men is an innovative method of teaching solid Bible facts. Students are eager to come to class and work harder than usual to achieve goals. The 196-page download contains everything you will need to teach 3rd through 6th graders. Use in a multi-age classroom or with one age level only. All documents are saved in PDF and may be used on any computer with a current version of Acrobat Reader. Written by Bonnie L. Gary, and edited by Barbara Hanna, A Few Good Men contains many original songs and cadences in the weekly Training Exercises. All scripture references are taken from the King James Version.
Bible Boot Camp 2: A Few Good Men will:

  • Emphasize solid Bible teaching
  • Build enthusiasm
  • Bring back absentee students
  • Be an opportunity to invite visitors

Buy the CD or download to print graphics in color, or use marker, glitter glue, etc., to spice up the visual presentation. Make use of free items from the local Recruiting Station to add to the Boot Camp atmosphere.

Bible Boot Camp 2: A Few Good Men is a 13 week curriculum which includes:

  • Invitation poster and flier
  • Classroom posters
  • Insignia Attendance Charts
  • Duty stickers for weekly assignments
  • Reproducible student activities
  • Teachers’ Instructions and Key


  • Trial Presentation of Evidence to identify some of the judges.
  • Card Game to familiarize students with the names of the kings and the division of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms.
  • Artillery Practice to match prophecies with fulfillment.
  • Treasure Hunt for features of the kingdom when students learn about the New Army.

Click here to view a sample of the material.
All Bible Boot Camp books are reproducible.

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