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These books and CDs were originally designed for Grades 1 - 4, with most of these lessons written by Barbara Hanna.

John K. Wills has written lessons for Grades 5 - 8 for the OT series, and they have been added to all of the books currently published. All students in a multi-age classroom may study the same Bible topic, with additional teaching being provided for older students.  Age appropriate activities are offered. The teacher determines which pages to print for his or her students. The books are 8 1/2 x 11 with black spiral binding. All lessons include teaching text and activities which are Bible centered. Grades 1 - 4 review the lesson and learn from a variety of coloring pages, codes, cut and paste, crossword puzzles, word searches, etc.  

For this age group two levels of activities are often provided, such as a simple crossword puzzle and a more difficult one. Grades 5 - 8 are given a more difficult text and they review what they have learned with true and false, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, discussion questions, etc. RWS books and CDs are ideal to use when teaching one age level or a multi-age classroom. RWS books and CDs may also be used as supplemental material along with other curriculum.

Recently Lisa Smith has been writing lessons for this age level.  She prepared lessons for Grades 1 - 6 for the OT book RWS #113, Esther and Jonah, while John K. Wills provided the lessons for Grades 5 - 8.  (You will notice there is an overlap, and teachers may select the lesson text and activities best suited to their classroom needs.)  Mrs. Smith has also written RWS #9, The Apostle Paul, which may be used for any combination of ages in Grades 1 - 6. Be sure to take a look at the sample lesson to see the wide variety of activities she provides for your students. You will notice other books being added as they are completed.

All works in this series contain 13 lessons with the exception of RWS #1, which consists of activities only. For many years it was only available in the book format, but is now also available on a CD or as a download. All RWS books are available on CDs or may be downloaded as is indicated on the description page. Documents on the CDs/downloads are saved in PDF and can be used on any computer with a current version of Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge (see below). Hanna Publications offers special pricing on the RWS series for overseas missionaries. Click to email us for special pricing. 

RWS-001, New Testament Variety

RWS-002, According to God's Pattern

RWS-003, Developing Christian Character

RWS-004, The Kingdom is the Church

RWS-005, The Kingdom Parables

RWS-006, Following in Christ's Footsteps

RWS-007, Understanding Bible Words, Part One

RWS-008, Understanding Bible Words, Part Two

RWS-009, The Apostle Paul

RWS-010, Paul's Epistles

RWS-011, Letters from Hebrews

RWS-012, John's Epistles

RWS-056, Christian Fundamentals
                by Barbara Hanna (for grades 5-6), 9 months of curriculum

RWS-211, Miracles of Jesus (includes lessons and activities for grades 1-4)

RWS-101, Adam - Jacob

RWS-102, Jacob - Joseph

RWS-103, Moses

RWS-104, Ten Commandments

RWS-105, Tabernacle and Travels

RWS-106, Our Mighty God

RWS-107, Judges and Ruth

RWS-108, Give Us a King

RWS-109, King David

RWS-110, King Solomon

RWS-111, A Kingdom Divided

RWS-112, Elijah & Elisha

RWS-113, Esther & Jonah

RWS-114, Overcoming Trials: Job & Daniel

RWS-115, Ezra and Nehemiah

RWS-116, Fulfilled Prophecies: About Jesus and His Church

To view sample documents or to view the downloadable files, you must have Adobe Reader: download here for free:

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