In 2005 Hanna Publications began a new category of Reproducible Work Sheet lessons -- for Preschoolers (RWS-PS). These books/CDs/downloads have 13 lessons each.  Activities are suitable for ages two through kindergarten or first grade. The lessons may be used for one age level or in a multi-age classroom.   All three authors are faithful Christians who have worked with children.  The lessons have been taught prior to publication, allowing us to observe which types of activities capture the children's attention and cause them to retain more Bible teaching.  
Lisa Smith is the author of several lesson books.  She introduced many new types of activities, and uses them to reinforce the Bible lesson and practical application. Lisa teaches first graders with her preschoolers, so she includes activities which require printing simple words (at times the words are spelled out in a "Word Bank").  Teachers may select which activities to use depending on the ages and abilities of students in the classroom.  

Documents on the downloads are saved in PDF and can be used on any computer with a current version of Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge (see below).  Hanna Publications offers special pricing on the RWS series for overseas missionaries.   Click here to e-mail us for special pricing.

RWS-PS #201, Building Good Behavior
RWS-PS #202, Worship God
RWS-PS #203, Parables About the Church
RWS-PS #204, Fruit of the Spirit
RWS-PS #205, Follow Jesus
RWS-PS #206, The Life of Paul
RWS-PS #207, Letters from Paul
RWS-PS #209, God's Plan
RWS-PS #210, Even a Child
RWS-PS #211, Miracles of Jesus
RWS-PS #251, God is Real
RWS-PS #252, Patriarchs

RWS-PS #253, God's Prophets

RWS-PS #254, CHOICES: Made by OT People 

RWS-PS #255, Priests and Judges

RWS-PS #256, Kings

RWS-PS #301, Coloring Book


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