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Barbara Hanna is the owner of Hanna Publications.  She has been writing, publishing and selling Bible lesson books for children since 1994. Mrs. Hanna has been a faithful member of the churches of Christ since 1972. She has taught all ages of children from two years of age through seventh grade, as well as Ladies' Bible Classes.

From 1974 to 1984, Mrs. Hanna served as the Kansas State Coordinator for Pro-Family Forum. She published and edited the newsletter for this organization, and later published a newsletter called The Virtuous Woman for 18 months. Several of her articles were published in the national Pro-Family Forum Newsletter.

She has written and published many lesson series for children from age two thought eighth grade. All of the authors whose material she has published are also faithful members of the churches of Christ.  Lisa Smith was the preacher's wife at the Vinland church of Christ where the Hannas worshiped for several years.  John K. Wills is the owner of Ten to Teen Press.  He offered to write lessons for grades 5-8 to go along with the Old Testament series Mrs. Hanna was working on when he contacted her.  Since then all 16 lesson series (four years of teaching) for the OT have been completed with his lessons added for older students.

Prior to moving to Texas in 2004, Mrs. Hanna worked for 35 years as a home day care provider.  She and her husband moved to Texas so she could help care for her granddaughter, less than a year after the death of their daughter, Angie, in a car accident. In September of 2006 she published the book, Joy in the Morning: Overcoming Grief and Trials. This book tells of the wide-awake nightmare she and her husband underwent and how they are overcoming their grief and finding joy in living, with the help of God and Christian friends. A more detailed description of the book can be found elsewhere on this web site.

Mrs. Hanna presently lives in Shallowater, TX with her husband, Joe.  He taught high school math for 44 years, and was a track and football coach. He is presently retired. They worship with the 12th St. church of Christ.  They have a son, Mike, who lives in Raleigh, NC.  Their granddaughter, Sophie, lives in Lubbock with her parents and two brothers.

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