September 2012

School has started with Sophie and Barrett attending the Lubbock Christian School. Sophie is in the fourth grade and is almost 10 years old. Barrett is six and in kindergarten. Keaton will be attending a preschool class twice a week. He is presently recovering from having his tonsils removed. Keaton will be five in October. 

The summer really sped by! We went to visit Joe's brother Kenny and his wife Patty in Garden City, KS. It was so nice to see them again.

We flew to Raleigh, NC to see Mike and Maria. Mike is 45 years young. They are doing well, and most of the remodeling of their home is completed. It is a lovely home in the historical part of Raleigh. There are SO many trees!!! Especially compared to DRY Texas. In spite of the rain we have had, we are still in drought conditions.

While we were at Raleigh, we found a town about half-way between there and where Joe's sister Sharon Harbour lives in South Carolina, to meet her and some other family members. We enjoyed a meal together and lots of talking! 

Toward the end of the summer we went to Eudora and stayed with our friends Dave and Phillis Durkin. Joe was able to see a lot of friends and former students at the CPA Picnic. There are many class reunions that weekend, and he saw a lot of people at the carnival they have. I stayed at the Durkins both evenings in the nice AC. It wears me out too much to walk around in the heat. I'm sorry I did not get to see more people, but we did hear about many we were unable to see in person. That Sunday morning we worshiped with the Vinland church of Christ, where Shawn Smith is the preacher. His wife Lisa writes Bible lessons for Hanna Publications, and we have all been friends for many years. We ate lunch together before returning home.

We were able to squeeze in three times to keep the grandchildren overnight before Joe started two-a-days for football. Hopefully this will be his last year to coach and teach. He is already 65. He has waited to retire so I can be close to receiving Medicare, which will be October of 2013. 

Sophie has been growing taller and taller. Her feet are skinny, but almost as long as mine! I got to take her shopping recently to buy an early birthday gift of shoes she really wanted for school. We had a great time together. Joe was able to see her some Saturday afternoon and then the three of us went to eat together at Abuello's -- an excellent place to get Mexican food. Sophie loves running and swimming. She has a slim, sleek body which is good for both of those sports. 

Before Keaton's surgery Joe and I had him all night one night. Joe had to work most of the time, and I took Keaton to buy a pair of Nike's that don't have to be tied, so he can just slip them on himself. We had so much fun. Although we enjoy taking all three, it is nice to have one at a time now and then. There is more time to visit and get to know more about their lives as well as their likes and dislikes. Keaton loves to dress up like super heroes and he has a great imagination. 

We had taken Barrett to get new shoes for his birthday back in May, but we are going to have a time to keep him all by himself, since we have already had the other two individually. Barrett has really matured a lot this past year. He can jump off the diving board now and swim to the side without any help. He learned how to tie the new shoes we bought for him! He also enjoys playing super heroes, and both boys are very creative with Legos®. 

Joe is enjoying his last season of coaching, but I know the two-a-days are hard on him, especially when it was so very hot like to was this year. He is teaching all Algebra 2 classes this year. He continues to have excellent health. 

My diabetes is under control and my pulse is good most of the time. When it occasionally get above 100 (resting), it does wear me out. You may remember from other letters that I was born with a heart condition and had minor surgery for SVT (SupraVentricular Tachycardia). I now take a beta blocker that helps keep my pulse under control. My blood pressure is not high, which is good. 

Jean Hudson passed away last spring. When we first moved here, Mom and I started playing games with Jean and her daughter Linda Coker. My mother passed away the summer of 2009 and Jean lived almost three more years. She spent a few months in a nursing home, and was in the hospital five or six times the last year of her life. I went to see her often and sometimes I would take Linda and we would eat out and then visit Jean together. Or we would meet at the nursing home to go eat so Linda would have her own car to stay longer after I went home. Jean was able to play games with us until the last week or so of her life (except when she was in the hospital). The Sunday before she passed away, Jean wanted to change her clothing, and I asked her why. She said she wanted to go to worship. So we took her down to the chapel and Linda and I had a worship service with her. Even though she was confused about some things, she still remembered how much she loved God and wanted to serve him. Precious. 

Linda and I play games or eat out sometimes with our friend Molly. Right now Linda has gone to Denton (close to Ft. Worth and Dallas) because her niece will have her baby delivered by C-Section on Tue. I told Joe when Linda is gone I'm like "a duck out of water".... Linda and I often get groceries together and have grown to be very close friends over the years. 

Hanna Publications is doing well, but I have several books I need to finish revising and prepare them for publication. Even when Lisa creates all the activities and writes the lesson text for the preschool books, I generally prepare the teachers' instructions. Then after I make a few changes I have to save it in PDF and prepare the Table of Contents. 

It hardly seems possible that Angie has been gone for nine years as of August 30. Although we are doing well, we still miss her a lot. She will always be in our hearts. 

"Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy" (Psalm 126:5).

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