RWS-PS-251 God is Real

Christian Evidences for Preschoolers, by Lisa Smith.  

Although this book covers the creation, it is done in a non-typical manner.  The emphasis is on proving that God is the creator of everything.  It includes Noah's ark and how that is also an evidence.  Published in 2011, this is the first of a set of five books/CDs to cover Old Testament topics.  As always, Lisa has done a masterful job of relating the lesson to students in a simple manner, helping their faith in God to grow.  Her activities are enjoyable for children, and they also serve to reinforce what has been taught.  Lisa has included some more difficult activities for teachers who may have first graders in the class along with preschoolers.

To view the titles place mouse/cursor HERE.

1. Six Days of Creation
2. God Made Birds
3. God Made Seas
4. The Heavens and the Earth
5. What About Dinosaurs?
6. After Its Own Kind
7. From God, Not Monkeys
8. In the Image of God
9. A Young Earth
10. What About the Flood?
11. The Bible is from God
12. Seeds
13. Review

To view a sample lesson, CLICK HERE.

There is a note to customers on the second page of the sample lesson regarding this book and the activity pages.

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