RWS-005 The Kingdom Parables

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Barbara Hanna originally wrote the lessons and activities in this lesson series.  It was later revised.  In 2013 Lisa Smith added new activities to The Kingdom Parables (parables about the church/kingdom).  The book has not been revised and we have no plans to revise the book. If you would like all of the activities, including those added by Lisa Smith, you will need to purchase the CD or download.  If you do not have the ability to print from the CD/download, it is suggested that you order the CD and let someone print out all of the pages for you and keep them in a file box with a folder for each lesson, saving the originals.  You might also want to use the file box to save the activities you print and have left after teaching the class.  Since there is much confusion in the religious world about what the kingdom is, these lessons are extremely valuable as we ground our children in the Truth of God's Word!

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The following samples are taken from the CD/download.  The sample lesson by Barbara has been revised from the original book, but her sample activities are in the book with the original version of the lesson.  Lisa's activities are new and are found only on the CD/download:

Click here for a sample lesson and some activities by Barbara Hanna.

Click here for a sample of the activities added by Lisa Smith.

1.   What Is a Parable?
2.   The Sower
3.   The Parable of the Tares
4.   The Mustard Seed
5.   Like Leaven
6.   The Hidden Treasure
7.   Pearl of Great Price
8.   The Wise Man
9.   Workers In the Vineyard
10.  Two Sons 
11.  The Wicked Husbandmen
12.  The Secret Seed
13.  The Great Supper

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